Friday, June 12, 2015

from the 70's to a modern kitchy look

So a co-worker of mine, who was moving into a place of her own and getting a divorce, came across an old dresser set from her parents that had been in the basement hidden for 16 years. They were good quality and well made Lane furniture but had that awful brown 70's stain as did most of the furniture from back in the day (although it doesn't always look horrible). The pieces had these cut-out stars in them doors of the two pieces and outdated handles. She had asked if I thought I could revive them and give them new life and honestly, I hesitated but thought "nah, anything I do is and will be an improvement".. so with that being said, after she decided what her color scheme would be in her new home (she was so excited to finally be decorating) we talked about how we wanted it to look. She bought a bed set and I took the pillow case and decided to use that as my inspiration. Making a long story short.. and unfortunately without a 'before' picture (but you can use your imagination and picture it in an ugly brown stain) I was able to accomplish a renovated revived dresser that brought her to tears! After that reaction, all was right with the world... and I remembered why I loved doing this job for people.. take a peek! it turned out really chic and kitchy!

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