Friday, November 7, 2014

Perfectly Charming

This cabinet is like my prince charming....I found my prince!  I have been
searching high and low for that perfect cabinet.  I wasn't asking too much..
just chippie paint, white, old, vintage, rustic and charming.
Browsing for one every time I went into an antique store or flea market wasn't an easy task
by no means.  I didn't want to pay through the roof for something that was old anyway
and most likely wasn't in the best shape.  But I needed that special piece
that was the perfect home for my ironstone pieces (again, all found at discount stores, antique stores, garage sales and flea markets! even Goodwills!)
I added the little bird handles.  Not sure if I'll keep those or go with a crystal knob
but for now, they are cute.
The most amazing thing about this piece is the glass doors are the original glass.  You
can see the waviness and imperfections to the glass.  It has closures like I've never seen
before and really is a diamond in the rough.  Someone asked me if I was
going to paint it. .. my response, "Why would I ruin it with paint?"

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