Friday, December 19, 2014

Chippie Vintage Junkie: Family Walls and Frames Galore

Chippie Vintage Junkie: Family Walls and Frames Galore

Family Walls and Frames Galore

There's something special about family photos and pictures of
kids, grandkids, etc.  Back in the day we usually had a spot on the shelf or
on the mantel of the fireplace with just a hodgepodge of frames,
none of which matched, with pictures of us from school, holidays, etc.
They really weren't intended to grab anyone's attention really.  Heck, we had photo albums that we occasionally bring out and go through together just to reminisce. 
But today, families are going on the wall! Right in the spotlight, a special wall
designated for pictures, open frames, phrases and whatnots.  I've seen a few
special walls done and not all of them include highlighting family photos or trips.
I've seen some now where the empty frame is the highlight. Whether its due to
the shape, color, size or detailing of this empty frame, it was going to be
the focal are some examples of Walls, from family to frames, but each
designed to ones unique taste and preferences.

This is the wall in my living room.  I have a very small home but was able to designate a space for my family and some color frames...

Here is another example of a friend's wall (Great job Joni!) that utilizes white frames against a dark wall.. I love it!

just a couple of other ideas from pinterest (which is an invaluable resource for all kinds of ideas!)...


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Being okay with a Non-Traditional Christmas Decor

Xmas is that time of year for "most" of us to get excited and anxious about decorating our a good way.  But over the years, I've become more adamant about not decorating using the reds and greens that so many of us just naturally associate with the holidays.  Instead, my interior designer blood comes out and I want it to compliment or match with the décor of my home.  Really you ask? Yes.  I'm so outside-of-the-box that even without xmas decorations up, I sometimes get a confused look as to my choice for decorating.  Not to say that's a bad thing but I don't want red and green ornaments in my white/tan/robin's egg blue living room.... so I shop for what works with my décor. And the end result still screams xmas without the hum-drum traditional look.  In the end, decorating for the holidays is truly based on what you feel in your heart and what you want to express in your home.  Here is a look into some "not so traditional" trees and other ideas for xmas...

Friday, November 7, 2014

Perfectly Charming

This cabinet is like my prince charming....I found my prince!  I have been
searching high and low for that perfect cabinet.  I wasn't asking too much..
just chippie paint, white, old, vintage, rustic and charming.
Browsing for one every time I went into an antique store or flea market wasn't an easy task
by no means.  I didn't want to pay through the roof for something that was old anyway
and most likely wasn't in the best shape.  But I needed that special piece
that was the perfect home for my ironstone pieces (again, all found at discount stores, antique stores, garage sales and flea markets! even Goodwills!)
I added the little bird handles.  Not sure if I'll keep those or go with a crystal knob
but for now, they are cute.
The most amazing thing about this piece is the glass doors are the original glass.  You
can see the waviness and imperfections to the glass.  It has closures like I've never seen
before and really is a diamond in the rough.  Someone asked me if I was
going to paint it. .. my response, "Why would I ruin it with paint?"

Friday, September 19, 2014

What to do with Vintage Flatware

What if you happen upon a cute little antique shop with just about anything you could ever find under the sun, so many things to look under, in, around and behind....then suddenly a box top that would otherwise be ignored, just happens to catch your eye and you look to see what is inside this tattered box top and you find a treasure trove! Jackpot!  Lots and lots of vintage silverware..not in the best shape to speak of, but very old, tarnished and weathered...some very ornate.  And this is the best part.. you get all of it for $20! 

Well, once I got it home and went through piece by piece what I had to deal with and what sets there there, I had to figure out what I would keep and what I would use for a project or two...or three :)

After grouping the "sets" or what was left of them together and setting aside the lonelys.. now all that is left is to decide is: do I leave them tarnished or do I renew them...hmmm. I love both looks to be honest.  But I do think it depends on the flatware itself, by that I mean, does it have a lot of design to it, is it that gorgeous silver, what I call "white" silver that just glistens..or does it have just that right amount of tarnish that it looks great.  So I ended up doing just that, deciding what would look best...old or new.

So with the pieces that are the strays and don't really require cleaning them.. I'll have to get crafty and use them for some projects I've been wanting to do.... stay tuned for the DIY projects with silverware!

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